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Protecting Your Feet During the Summer

Protecting Your Feet During the Summer

Summer is approaching, and you know what that means, your feet will see the sun much more. Despite this being a happy time of year, it can be a difficult time of year for your feet. The following are some ways you can protect your feet during the summer.

Don’t Walk Around Barefoot

There’s so much that can happen to your feet when they are unprotected from the ground. You can develop warts, ringworm, and some other infections. This goes for the beach as well. Sure, you can walk out to the ocean with bare feet, but be sure to slide on some flip flops if you head to the bathroom or shower.

Wear the Right Types of Socks

If you’re going to wear socks in the summer, just be sure to wear acrylic and synthetic blend socks because they wick away perspiration. If you don’t, the sweat your feet produce could lead to a fungal infection.

Prevent and Protect Blisters

If you wear sandals, be sure to check for the start of blisters. When one forms, use padding like moleskin or a liquid bandage product to protect it. They both will protect the blister from getting worse and then when it bursts, it will keep them from becoming infected.

Air Out the Feet

The heat can make your feet sweat and when they are enclosed in shoes or socks, it can be a breeding ground for fungus. Air your feet out as much as possible during the summer by taking them out of your shoes, or wear sandals and open-toed shoes.

Drink Water

Be sure to drink enough water during the summer to keep yourself hydrated. This will minimize the swelling in your feet.

Put Sunscreen on Your Feet

Many people forget about their feet when they rub sunscreen on their body. Give your feet some love with a good layer of sunscreen, especially if you’re wearing sandals and they are exposed to the sun.


Just because it’s the summertime and you’re in the water more, it doesn’t mean you don’t need to moisturize your feet. Actually, you need to moisturize them even more because of the chemicals from the pool, sun and just being out in the open can dry them out.

Wear Supportive Flip Flops

Sure, fashion flip flops look cute, but they aren’t always the best for your feet. Look for flip flops that support the natural arch of your feet and provide comfort to the bottom of the feet.

Continue to Wear the Right Shoes

Whenever you engage in physical activities, we sure to wear the right shoes. Playing tennis in flip flops isn’t a good idea. It’s better to wear tennis shoes. The same goes for any other activities you’re engaging in throughout the summer.

Get a Pedicure

Getting a pedicure from a reputable pedicurist can keep your feet and toenails healthy. A monthly appointment should be all you need. Also, go nail polish free sometimes so you can air out the toenail beds a bit. This can help keep your toenails looking lovely.

Get Rid of Old Shoes

Don’t wear shoes year after year, especially if they are worn out and dirty. Not only will they not provide the support you need for walking, but they can cause infections as well.

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