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Choosing The Best Shoes & Socks For Your Aging Feet

Choosing The Best Shoes & Socks For Your Aging Feet

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We change from head to toe as we age. It is important to understand what to look for in shoes that will keep your feet active and healthy. Comfortable shoes for seniors are lightweight, adjustable and have non-slip skid-resistant soles. Having support and width provide all-around comfort.

Suffolk Foot and Ankle can explain how to accommodate the elderly foot with proper footwear. Some common conditions include:

Foot widening and lengthening

Feet to become wider, longer and flatter as the ligaments and tendons lose strength and elasticity. Your shoe size can increase by a half size or more.

Foot swelling

Swelling can be caused by circulation issues or medication side-effects.   Get a spare pair of larger shoes for more swollen days.

Thinning natural cushioning

The bottom of your feet loses the fat pad that cushions the foot. Cushiony shoes or insoles mimic what is lost.

Gait changes

Changes in your gait slows overall walking speed and can result in a limp. Pressure on different areas of the foot can be corrected with orthotics.

Foot problems due to diabetes

Diabetics need to be extra cautious with their feet. The disease results in loss of blood circulation and sensation in the feet. Shoes need to fit well and not rub to cause blisters, which can lead to infection.

Balance issues

The ability to balance and correct yourself if you slip or trip is reduced as we age. Medications can also make you dizzy. Shoes with non-slip soles and good support are very helpful.

Have your feet measured and shoes fitted by a professional. Their expertise will keep you walking around with comfort and a smile!

There is a lot to learn about socks. We call it sock-sense! Proper sock fit is key. If a sock is too long on the foot, it will bunch up over your toes. If the sock is too small or short, the sock will slide down into the shoe and feel tight. Each foot is covered with about 250,000 sweat glands, making feet one of the sweatiest places on your body.

Sock fabrics will help absorb and disperse the moisture:

  • Merino wool: The fine, itch-free fibers of merino wool are thermostatic (temperature-regulating), so your feet stay comfortable in a wide range of temperatures. Wool is an amazing fabric. It can absorb up to 30% of its weight in water, which helps feet remain dry in most conditions.
  • Synthetics: Several materials are combined for greater comfort and fit of the socks.
  • Silk: The smooth texture feels great against the skin while providing moisture wicking and insulation.
  • Cotton: Cotton socks absorb sweat, saturate quickly and dry slowly, which is a perfect recipe for blisters.
  • Heated socks come with batteries to keep your feet warm for the coldest winter days.

Wearing the appropriate shoes and socks will keep your feet happy and healthy. Patient education is very important to us at Suffolk Foot and Ankle. We are here to answer questions about your foot care needs. Contact us today to set up an appointment!