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October 2, 2017

Everything to Know About Plantar Fasciitis

Many people who suffer from foot pain are diagnosed with plantar fasciitis, but what is it? Plantar fasciitis is the inflammation of the plantar fascia ligament in […]
September 25, 2017

Keeping Your Children’s Feet Healthy

Children have delicate feet that are still developing as they get older. Therefore, it is up to parents to make sure that their children’s feet are healthy. There […]
September 11, 2017

How to Prevent Fungal Infections on the Foot

While most fungal infections of the foot, such as athlete’s foot, are typically non-serious conditions, they can still cause red, itchy and dry feet. This can be very uncomfortable; […]
September 9, 2017

Getting to the Cause of Cracked Heels

While typically not as serious as some other conditions, cracked heels can be very uncomfortable for those who have them. Knowing the causes of cracked heels and what to […]
September 4, 2017

Longhorns TE Andrew Beck Out for Season

A broken foot has taken senior Texas Longhorns tight end Andrew Beck out for the season. Initial projections estimated that he’d only miss six to eight weeks. Beck sustained […]
August 28, 2017

Exercise and Foot Cramps

Exercise is an important component in keeping your body healthy. It’s not uncommon, however, to get foot cramps while we exercise—especially barefooted. Typically this is normal and stems from […]